Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Don't ever call a girl fat

It actually really hurts when someone calls you fat.I am really fat & i can see that you dont have to remind me of my insecurities who are you to criticise me ?

I've been called fat from my parents, siblings and even really young kids and guess who else my teachers. I am not saying that am not fat 
stop pointing out its just kills me.I just hate our community they just point out the bad in you and forget all about the good things.Maybe am the only one sensitive about this subject and it really irritates me when someone talks with me about it.I dont want to feel this way anymore that everyone is staring at me although no one is.
am already ashamed of myself and people are making it worse. Like for example once i wrote on am agenda that if i reached my goal weight by january1 i'll buy me a Moschino belt then my best friend took my agenda and added "if you reach your goal weight" its like my own best friend is not believing in me or not supporting me or whatever its not that i care about her note it just hurts coming form my best friends you know. 
I always feel better when i write whats bugging me it just make me feel relaxed.its like a stress ball i guess. 

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