Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Weight loss update

Things have been tough these days I've been binging a lot and gaining weight *say whattt* ya I am and am really not happy about it .. As every teenage girl or at least in our generation super models (aka  Victoria secret models) are our role models. I actually feel sorry for them starving themselves  to death working out like a machine is not a role model for our generation and the upcoming ones as I've seen and read the total of anorexic people in the world is increasing and even really young children are starting to starve them selves to death and take care of their health which is good but they're doing it the wrong way "obviously" - that was so off topic what I was talking about is I realised that I have to stop all of this and try again. I don't want to lose a lot of weight and regain it again ( and thats exactly what am doing for the past year ) am destroying my  own body like that. i already have stretch marks i dont know what will happen to them when i lose the excess weight but at least i'll try to prevent them from increasing in my body by losing weight. to be honest its pretty hard for me to go back on track, with all those delicious food every where and my mom's cooking it just kills me. i start my day normal am fully motivated to start am going to the kitchen to make a green detoxing smoothie or just grab anything healthy my mom comes to me and tells me " maryam i just made some of you favorite pancakes with maple syrup " thats when i change my mind and everything evaporates from my brain. My only motivation and what's keeping me going is my graduation and prom !! i really want too look gorgeous and healthy not fat and over weight. 
Anyways that was a long introduction lets get to the point. I decided to document it on my blog I guess this will help me with my progress and truly I was inspired by a lot of weight loss bloggers anyways I decide to blog once a week I'll put my weight measurements and everything !! I guess that's better for me I'll start by now and every week I'll update you guys.  
here's my plans 
current weight : 75kg
goal wight 1 :70kg
goal weight 2 :67kg
goal weight 3: 64kg
goal weight 4:60kg
goal weight 5:58 kg

 i decided to divide it to mini goals because i feel its going to be easer to achieve ( i hope so) and it sounds more realistic. I really want to succeed this time and I hope I do ..
Tell me about your weightloss storyy if you have one or what's you're struggling from and we mihht help each other
Take care
P.S i'll add my measurements later i dont have them now. 

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